Closing the Dore

After photographing and writing about the former Dore clinic a couple of weeks ago, I showed a friend the photos and she seemed interested in writing a story about it for The Australian.

After visiting the site to see the files in person, she contacted several families who were involved with the Dore program to get their opinions on their childrens’ medical records being left in an abandoned and unsecured building for so long.

She also contacted the health minister and police so that the files will be removed.

Anyway, the story ran today; check it out.

Good to know these families’ private information will no longer be lying around for anyone to stumble upon.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on August 15, 2011.

4 Responses to “Closing the Dore”

  1. Visited today and nothing’s been done. They’ve boarded up the windows and doors, but the files are still everywhere.

    • I think all the kids’ files are gone, but empty assessment sheets etc are still lying around. I haven’t been back since it got cleaned out though. Someone else said it looked like all the files were gone though. Did you take any photos?

      • Yup, here:

        And here:

        Those are the ones that show the documents, all taken last weekend. A few more less relevant ones on my Tumblr.

        My mate said that he saw documents with patients location and contact details, reports etc. From the first pic, it doesn’t look like anything’s been done with the paper on the floor.

      • Odd. ‘Cause I know after my friend wrote the newspaper piece exposing the files left there, the health commissioner went in to clear them all out. One of the guys who went with her to help got scared by a pigeon and ran out of the building shrieking hehe.

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