Arboria the air and light sculpture at Fed Square

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Arboria is a sculpture made of PVC and zips, held up only by air, and you can walk through it.  All light within the sculpture is natural light coming in from outside.  Arboria is designed to represent trees and branches.

Arboria is the creation of Architects of Air, a UK collective founded by Alan Parksinson in 1992.  According to their website, Architects of Air build a new “luminarium” every year, with each one taking 4-6 months to build – by hand – by a team of six people.

It feels a little strange walking through the sculpture at first, almost as though something is affecting your vision.  Feeling the padded PVC ground under your feet (you have take your shoes off) does feel oddly relaxing though, and you can relax in one of the little side “pods” off of the main walkways.

Arboria is living at Fed Square until January 28, 10am-8pm and is wheelchair accessible and child-friendly.  More info and ticket prices can be found here.




















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Snapshots from the Mornington Peninsula

•December 13, 2017 • 2 Comments

A couple of months ago I spent a few days down at the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.  I stayed at the lovely Boathouse Resort Studios and Suites in Blairgowrie; the room complete with a spa bath!

The main reason for heading down to the Peninsula?  To visit the Peninsula Hot Springs, which I had been wanting to experience for quite a while.  Since I was getting down there on public transport – which was to take three-and-a-half hours one way – I decided to stay for a couple of nights to avoid seven hours of travelling in the one day.

In addition to visiting the hot springs, I also dined at a fantastic restaurant in Sorrento, Loquat, and I would honestly rate the meal, the wine, the service and especially the dessert (which I was not going to miss out on despite being full from dinner) a 10 out of 10.  The dessert was chocolate fondant with blueberry gel, pepita praline and tonka bean ice-cream, in case you were wondering.

The second day on the Peninsula also involved a four-hour hike from Blairgowrie to Sorrento Back Beach (I was aiming to reach London Bridge near the tip of the Peninsula, but alas time ran out), and on the third day I took a ride up to Arthur’s Seat on the chairlift – Arthur’s Seat Eagle – before heading back to Melbourne.







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The abandoned dome house

•January 26, 2017 • 18 Comments


I finally got around to checking out the abandoned “dome house” – the derelict eyesore infuriating it’s neighbours out east in Lilydale.



Yarra Ranges Council issued a permit for construction back in 2006.  The site has sat derelict for a few years now, recently being vandalised and looted, but the council says they cannot do anything about it.



Neighbours have been battling to have it demolished, with one neighbour stating that it will “knock thousands off his home’s value“.



I’m guessing the owner abandoned the dome house because they ran out of money, but I don’t really have any info.  It would be interesting to see the original design for this place.  It would also have been really awesome to experience the acoustics inside the domes if the walls hadn’t been torn.



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Abandoned second-hand shop

•March 18, 2016 • 5 Comments

I visited an abandoned second-hand shop with a friend last week, one that I bought a nice little black dress from for $10 last year when James wanted to go shopping for a winter jumper.  It was a pretty large place with lots of clothes;  it is now essentially a large, empty warehouse.  There isn’t much to see inside, but there was some nice light coming in through the windows.  You can see the name of the former shop in my photos, and you can google it’s location if you like, but a source told me today that the place is now locked up.  If you’re not in the vicinity already, I’d say it’s not worth a trip to check out.








There was a nice single glove and dirty black hoodie left behind if anyone wants.

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Exploring in thongs

•March 2, 2016 • 2 Comments

I guess I must first state, for the benefit of my international readers, that by “thongs” I mean “flip-flops” (or “jandals” if you’re from NZ), and not a really skimpy item of lingerie.

This challenge was handed down to me by m1tchell_ on Instagram, after questioned why there aren’t any similar type of “feet shots” where the photographer is wearing thongs, rather than sensible shoes.  The type of shot that m1tchell_ posted is one that I termed “urbex feet perspective” about five years ago when the trend of taking a photo from a particular vantage point, with your feet in it to show you were right on the edge of a building, a drain entrance, the arm of a crane, or standing in a trashed abandoned building, was common amongst us urban exploration types.  This was before the Instagram days.  We got sick of it, and it seemed to die for awhile before being revived a couple of years ago during the Instagram rooftopping craze here in Melbourne (I can’t speak for other places).  I think the trend needs to become a little more challenging.  This is where thongs (the footwear, remember) come in.

I used to explore abandoned places a lot in thongs.  Mostly for comfort, as well as my aversion to wearing enclosed shoes (which I seem to have gotten over in recent months).  I stood on the edges of tall buildings in them too; I admittedly have never gone into a drain in thongs, probably because I am not completely crazy.  Just be careful not to trip over your thongs (I do that on flat ground frequently) if you’re standing on the edge of a tall building.  And if you’re in an abandoned building filled with syringes and broken bottle glass (eg. the Yorkshire Brewery in Collingwood back in the day), Look  Before You Step!

The following photos are not some of my best, nor are they the only times I explored in thongs; they just happen the be the shots where I (or someone else) actually took a photo with my thong-clad feet visible.  Often when I explored in thongs, it was because the exploration was completely spontaneous, and I did not have a camera handy.  Sometimes I deliberately wore thongs on a planned outing, because, comfort.  I’m the type of person who wears thongs in winter.  I’m weird, yes; already knew that.


Add pigeon shit to the list of dangers. (Photo: murdoch80)


Argus, my second favourite chillout spot, in thongs AND a long velvet skirt. (Photo: Lonewolf)


Just keeping watch over Collingwood. In thongs. (Photo: murdoch80)


Freemasons hall, in the comfiest thongs ever (orthopedic thongs).


It was the middle of summer; can you blame me? (Photo: murdoch80)


Nothing dangerous about this place providing you successfully jumped over the open shaft at the base of the escalator, without tripping over your thongs. I succeeded! 😀 (Photo: Lonewolf)


Thongs: equally good for climbing through windows of abandoned schools as they are for relaxing on the beach! (Photo: Lonewolf)


Yet another time I explored in an all-black ensemble of long skirt and thongs. (Photo: Lonewolf)


My favourite place to climb through all the broken bottles and syringes (and over a washing machine in the entrance) ♥♥♥

For the record, I’m not saying anyone should explore anywhere remotely dangerous in thongs… but it’s up to you to use common sense.  Maybe get creative with some fancy footwear.  But, seriously, stay away from heels.  Thongs are a lot safer.

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An open letter to the drivers and cyclists of Melbourne

•February 23, 2016 • 2 Comments

I haven’t blogged since new year’s eve, and since I was aware of not having blogged all of this year, planned to open with something pretty sweet!  However, all I have to open with is a discussion about the lack of adherence to road rules in Melbourne – or to be more specific, lack of awareness of the presence of pedestrians.

I am a pedestrian.  I neither drive nor bike in Melbourne.  I used to do both of those things when I lived in Darwin, but not in recent years.

I have always had problems with almost being mowed down by idiots in cars, ever since I moved here in 2001; I remember writing a short rant when I was living in North Carlton about almost getting run down on a weekly basis.

I’ve been almost getting run down on a much more frequent basis lately and it feels stupid to use the term “annoying”.  Should I merely refer to the near loss of my life as “annoying”?  I actually got honked at by someone driving a car, speeding around a corner,  who had to brake to avoid hitting me the other day, when I was crossing on a green pedestrian light.  Like I was the annoyance to them?

Last week I got the tram home after a guy from work insisted it would be safer than walking (and I was feeling lazy).  I went to get off the tram, and this girl rode across the door I was getting out of on a bike so close to me and so fast that my hair was whipped across my face for a good five seconds.  If I had stepped out half a second earlier I would have been fucked up.   All the cars had managed to stop at this tram stop (and cars not stopping at a tram stop is one of the biggest problems I usually have), yet the cyclist either wasn’t paying any attention whatsoever, or though she was above the law – and both those alternatives are not acceptable.  If she had hit me, or someone else, I or they could have been killed.  I have seen many close calls, one involving a young mother with an infant in a pram and a toddler who were all two centimetres away from being crushed by a braking car, the driver of which clearly hadn’t been paying attention to the fact that they were getting off the tram, despite the fact the tram had already stopped and was emitting warning signals.

Cyclists whinge about drivers, and rightly so – there have been many horrible instances where drivers have hit cyclists either front on, or with their doors as cyclists are passing.  I have many friends who are cyclists and who have either been hit by a car or almost hit, and one friend who was put into a coma by being “doored” by a person getting out of a car without looking.  I feel for what cyclists have to go through; the ignorance of drivers.

But what cyclists probably don’t realise is that they are pretty much doing the same thing, to pedestrians.  You’re looking out for cars; you’re not looking out for the “little” people on the roads.  Cyclists are probably attuned to looking out for fast-moving things, which may be why they fail to see pedestrians stepping onto the roads – but sorry, that’s not good enough.

Actually, I’m giving cyclists too much credit.  If you’re on the road, then you should be following the traffic lights, and not running through red lights.  Or tram stopping signals.  Pay attention.

Bad cyclists are just as bad as bad drivers.  And it’s us pedestrians who suffer through your negligence.  Think hitting someone on a bike isn’t as bad as hitting someone in a car?  If that person is elderly, or if the person happens to fall in a particular way, you can easily kill them.

Obviously, there are plenty of awesome car drivers and cyclists out there who would probably feel indignant at reading this post.  You know this post isn’t about you.  You know two or three people this could apply to.  I don’t know if there’s any way to help people to pay attention, but that’s what we need.  Because lack of attention is mostly the cause of these “accidents”.

Urban Seagulls, Vol. 1: The Seagulls of Citylink Swamp

•December 31, 2015 • 7 Comments

Out trekking along Moonee Ponds Creek and Railway Canal, I came across some seagulls taking a drink in their natural urban environment, the swamplands shadowed by the Citylink bridge.  I admired them for awhile, being the seagull fan that I am (really) and this inspired me to start a new, probably fairly sporadic, series called Urban Seagulls.


You would never expect that there would be seagulls around the corner.


But… lo and behold… seagulls.


Frolicking in the swamplands next to Citylink.


Drinking that tasty-looking water right up.


After my seagull friends left, I loitered around for a while feeling lonely.

It’s a common myth that seagulls only hang out at beaches.  In the coming weeks, months and maybe even years I will be documenting the gulls who prefer the hustle and bustle of the urban sprawl to the relaxing beaches; who would rather burn their feet on hot cement than on hot sand.  Keep an eye out while you’re eating your hangover Maccas in a park tomorrow after your new year’s eve party benders, the urban seagulls will be out in force – and they will be hungry!

Happy new year and all that jazz.

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Abandoned research centre

•December 27, 2015 • 14 Comments

A couple of friends and I came across an abandoned research centre the other day, so of course we stopped to check it out.  It is quite big, with long hallways, a number of science labs, a couple of conference rooms, as well as a bunch of offices.  Science-y things are my favourite; alas, I couldn’t find any leftover chemicals to play with.









I really wish I’d become a scientist.

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Collingwood: a good hood

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I usually have a disposable camera in my bag so I have at least some sort of camera with me wherever I am; who can be bothered carrying a DSLR around at all times?  I find if I have some time to kill, using up some or all of a disposable camera is a good way to do so.

Here are some snaps from my most recently-developed camera, taken in the hood.  Collingwood.  Collinghood..?

Collingwood is still my favourite suburb of Melbourne.  It’s much more industrial than Fitzroy is, and lacks the central hipster-ised street (ie Brunswick St), whilst still having lots of great art (top right is Rone; below that is Twoone).

Oh and if you really want to get technical, the Patersons building is actually on the Fitzroy side of Smith St.

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The mystery of the Halloween decorations in a long-abandoned building

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Last week I found an abandoned building which is part of a bigger (still operating) complex.  It has obviously been disused for awhile; paint is peeling, doorframes and floorboards are rotting, spider webs cover the doorframes and windowframes.

However, when I looked through the window of the end room, I could see Halloween decorations; a row of black and orange skulls strung across a doorway, and they looked to be pretty new.  There was also what was obviously fake cobweb across the inside of one of the windows of this room.


So this building which is pretty much entirely gutted and unsafe to use, and thus clearly not in use – was recently used for a Halloween party??  Just this end room, though.  No other parts of the building appeared to have been used.

So weird.  I guess it must have been staff having a Halloween get-together though…

I also can’t find any information about what this building was originally used for.  It’s clearly a very old building, with some beautiful wrought-iron detailing.  I’m not going to post photos of the outside as we all know what happens when idiots find out the locations of abandoned buildings.  If you happen to recognise this one and have any info on it please let me know!

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