Opening the Dore?

Dore was a controversial program designed to treat children with ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, Dyslexia and other learning and behavioural difficulties.  It operated in various places including Melbourne.

The program was founded by Wynford Dore, a businessman from Wales, and cost desperate parents at their wits’ end $5000 to sign their child  up to the program.

There were reports of many success stories, but also of children who did not respond to the program.

In 2008 the company folded without explanation, apparently being millions of dollars in debt. Not only did they leave 3,000 families out of  pocket and without treatment for their children, but they continued to sign up new families until the day they closed. The staff were not told of  the impending closure, and were not paid for the last month of their employment.

Some families handed over their $5k only days before Dore closed. Despite this, the program has since begun operating in NZ.

Stuff is all over the place, including files, childrens’ toys, and DVDs and books designed for the program.

The Herald Sun published an article on Dore’s closing in June 2008 (along with comments from people who undertook, or whose children undertook, the program).

The Herald Sun also published this article on one of Dore’s success stories only one month before the program closed.

I have more pics here.

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~ by Kitten of Doom on August 1, 2011.

6 Responses to “Opening the Dore?”

  1. It’s just occurred to me how shittily WP recompresses images. Compare the desk shot on this blog to the one on Flickr. Flickr = way crisp. WP = fail.

    You definitely need an independent platform for your shots.

  2. this place looks incredible; you always find the coolest of places, invite me on your next adventure 🙂

  3. Was this Hawthorn? reply to this comment if you want me to shoot you details of some interesting empty buildings (about 5) in a Hawthorn complex. Heavily graffiti painted and quite interesting. A group of squatters I know lived in there for 4 months and then left a mess, some art and a half-dozen clothed scarecrows behind them as a perplexing insult for the developers.

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