The mystery of the Halloween decorations in a long-abandoned building

Last week I found an abandoned building which is part of a bigger (still operating) complex.  It has obviously been disused for awhile; paint is peeling, doorframes and floorboards are rotting, spider webs cover the doorframes and windowframes.

However, when I looked through the window of the end room, I could see Halloween decorations; a row of black and orange skulls strung across a doorway, and they looked to be pretty new.  There was also what was obviously fake cobweb across the inside of one of the windows of this room.


So this building which is pretty much entirely gutted and unsafe to use, and thus clearly not in use – was recently used for a Halloween party??  Just this end room, though.  No other parts of the building appeared to have been used.

So weird.  I guess it must have been staff having a Halloween get-together though…

I also can’t find any information about what this building was originally used for.  It’s clearly a very old building, with some beautiful wrought-iron detailing.  I’m not going to post photos of the outside as we all know what happens when idiots find out the locations of abandoned buildings.  If you happen to recognise this one and have any info on it please let me know!

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on December 16, 2015.

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