Abandoned retirement home

Prior to revisiting the Masonic hall, Andrew, Shane and I checked out an abandoned retirement home.  We were a bit late with this one, as all the beds and wheelchairs were gone.  There were still heaps of books, chairs and a sweet portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II.









Lot’s of retirement homes seem to be closing these days.  Schools as well.  Hmm.

x Kitten of Doom



~ by Kitten of Doom on March 31, 2014.

7 Responses to “Abandoned retirement home”

  1. All good, but love the bath & the queen.

  2. wow didn’t take long for that place to hit the shit.

  3. Sad about these places, all caused by budget cuts. They are really quite fascinating. Mother Nature doesn’t waste time reclaiming the land.

    • Hey Isa,

      Sooo many places close down because of budget cuts. I think some of the older retirement homes closed down because they weren’t up to standards, as well. I’ve heard of at least a couple that didn’t pass all the regulatory checks.

  4. would you be able to tell me where this is?? I’m looking for buildings to build upon my uni portfolio 🙂

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