Mediterranean laziness, part four: La Spezia and Monte Carlo

La Spezia was definitely one of my favourite stops on our Mediterranean cruise, and my sister’s partner Gavin agreed with me.  My sister and mother decided to stay on the boat until our wine tour in Monte Carlo in the afternoon, so Gavin and I explored the port area of La Spezia on our own.


La Spezia has a very laid-back vibe and isn’t very crowded, making it a really lovely walk around in the sunshine.  The architecture is beautiful.


Every port we went ashore in, I would look at the little boats and wish I could go for a boat ride on one of them.  Small boats are so much better than large ships!  Especially when the water’s a bit rough.. or is it just me who thinks that?


After lunch a busload of us drove to a winery in Monte Carlo.  It was a drive of over an hour, and along the way we saw what looked like snow caps on the mountains. White mountain-tops.  Being Italy, as well as the middle of European summer, we realised it couldn’t possibly be snow.  Our guide confirmed that it wasn’t snow – it was marble!  So this is where the marble for all that ostentatious marble furniture comes from.  Marble has been mined from these mountains for over 2,000 years, and the end is nowhere in sight.  They are some very valuable mountains then.


When we got to the Fattoria Il Poggio winery we were given a short talk about the history of their family-run business, and found out they also produce olive oil.  The property is small and tranquil, and is was nice to spend an afternoon in such a quiet relaxing place rather than a city centre.


They fed us delicious antipasto, including their own olive oil for the bread, and a variety of their wines.  Everything, was delicioso.  I couldn’t resist purchasing a bottle of their olive oil to bring back home, as well as some hand cream (made from olive oil) and a recipe book.

Back on the boat, I tried my hand at shooting the sunset with film, as it was a truly stunning sunset.  Sunsets never quite translate well enough from reality to photographs, but you get the idea.


Next port of call: Cádiz.

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~ by Kitten of Doom on November 14, 2015.

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  1. looks like you had a nice time.

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