Mediterranean laziness, part three: Cartagena and Rome

Uni has finished so I can now resume posting.

Cartagena is on the south-east coast of Spain and was founded in 227 BC.  We walked through the old town and came across the ruins of a Roman colosseum, and next to it, a cliff face that was hollowed out and used as a bomb shelter during the Spanish Civil War.  The shelter had been turned into a war museum, and to access it you had to travel up via a panoramic lift (bottom right of photo), which scared the hell out of my mother (she is easily scared though).  The views from the top were great though!



Next door was the Parque Torres and the Castillo de la Concepción, affording more great views of the city.


I wanted to get tapas but the others wanted to eat back on the ship.. boo!

Our next stop was Rome.  Obviously Rome isn’t on the coast – our port was Civitavecchia, and from there we drove in to Rome.  Rome is as crowded as you’ve heard it is, and crowded places in the summer heat aren’t always pleasant.  The line to get into the colosseum was huge (a couple of hours’ worth of waiting time, I believe) so we just admired from the outside.  My film photo of this turned out too dark, so here is a photo of nearby ruins:


I enjoyed walking alongside the river, and in some parts it didn’t feel as though there were as many people in the city.


We didn’t go inside the Vatican due to time constraints (you really do not get much time ashore when you are on a cruise.  I got to eat gelato and see cool angel statues though.  I also enjoyed looking at all the architecture as well as the graffiti on the bus ride to and from the city centre.


Next up is La Spezia and Monte Carlo.

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