Shane Thoms – Haikyo Photography

Following on from my previous post about our trip to Chernobyl, let me just share with you my friend Shane’s website, Haikyo.  ‘Haikyo’ means ‘ruins’ in Japanese.  Shane was on the Chernobyl trip with Andrew and I, and also went to Chernobyl the previous year.  It was great going to not only Chernobyl but also Kiev with someone who had been before.  Shane was a wealth of information for things like getting around in cabs..!

Like me, Shane has a penchant for photographing abandoned locations, and he has been to many around the world.  He recently returned to Melbourne from another trip to Japan, and with many more beautiful photographs of forgotten places.  He has also seen many of Europe’s prime abandoned spots.











Above photos copyright Shane Thoms.

Shane photographing in Chernobyl 2012.  Photo: Kitten of Doom

Shane photographing in Chernobyl 2012. Photo: Kitten of Doom

You can follow Shane on Instagram here.

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