Getting a tram down Brunswick St at midnight on a Friday pretty much sums up everything that is wrong with Melbourne in one easy little section of street.

Of course, the CBD is just as bad at best, but why traipse across that many intersections when you can have young drunk morons threatening to throw up next to you (on their way to the club), guys chugging from bottles of wine whilst stepping on your toes with no apology, or speed-freaks from the suburbs spouting witty racist comments in the short time it takes you to get from Alexandra Parade to Johnston St on a tram?

Maybe I’m just getting old, but if that’s the alternative in this shithole then maybe I’m glad to be getting old.

I didn’t see any fistfights or stabbings tonight, though perhaps I was just a little too early.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on February 22, 2014.

2 Responses to “Hellburn”

  1. I miss Melbourne, but every time I go back it’s getting more and more like Sydney in every aspect – charming old buildings on the foreshores being torn down and replaced with apartment complexes, street violence, racial segregation (which there was barely any of when I first moved in 2007!), the increasing loss of music venues due to liquor licensing fees and greedy developers, and the biggest change of all is the loss of warmth, of immediate acceptance between humans that is now, like Sydney, a sea of cold, judgemental stares, even on the steps of Flinders St Station.

    Sad 😦

  2. yes best to avoid fitzroy from thursday to sunday, hurrah for gentrification and way to go yarra shire for fucking up our culture, the former melting pot for international arts and culture and our own national identity screwed up for the cash. THanks yarra shire for shutting down our sharehouses, the cheaper accomodation that allowed a motley crew into the inner city scapes, thanks yarra shire for raising liqour liscensing and forcing out the niche businesses doing something different and adding to alternate culture that used to ebb in these regions. no more rooming houses has fucked up this suburb and made it a top dollar, “art”? WTF” suburb, no arts here except the super well to do and the slip in token artists. WHat a waste, anyway, the blood of this culture has splattered outwards, into the coburg, preston, outerlying etc areas, where hopefully the prices stay low enough for people to survive a bit before we’re pushed further out into the steepes and deserts. way to go melbourne.
    Ps thanks yarra for simultaneuosly smashing down on our great sticker and stenciil and street art culture while promoting it as the cool area where this is all cool and available. what a joke.

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