Snapshots from Samos

I met up with my mum and cousin in Samos a couple of weeks ago.  It was my mum’s first ever trip to Europe so that was pretty exciting for her.

We stayed at my cousin’s son’s fiancee’s (got that?) little house in the little town of Psili Amos – on one of only two sandy beaches on the entire island.  Most are stony beaches and I don’t imagine they’d be nearly as fun…

Most of my time consisted of going back-and-forth between sun baking in coconut oil on my banana lounge and swimming in the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean, though I did also get to see the statue of Pythagoras in Pythagoreio (a highlight for my geeky maths-loving self) and the archeological museum in Samos town – full of things made around 8 B.C.

It was a nice change from the crappy Melbourne-esque weather I’d been subjected to in Berlin up until then (and as soon as I got back, meh).  I did get a good tan too; stoked about that.

And yes – the Greek Islands really are full of kittehs!

Psili Amos beach, looking at Turkey:

Cocktails on Pythagoreio harbour:

Pythagoras statue; Pythagoreio harbour:

Greek Island kitteh; Psili Amos:

View from Stella Tavern, Psili Amos, at sunset:

Houses in Samos town:

Samos town harbour:


~ by Kitten of Doom on August 4, 2012.

4 Responses to “Snapshots from Samos”

  1. wow, the weather looks so good
    guess what Brie.. forecast for next wednesday is 18 .. in winter! :p .. i hope so!

  2. I have a book that is just photos of all the cats in Greece 😀

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