Yorkshire Brewery development has been approved by Heritage Victoria

I got this message from Loretta regarding the Yorkshire Brewery development:

“Hi, I’m planning a door knock with J Rayner to get as many objections lodged as possible. It has been approved as I understand it by Heritage Vic, now it is going to town planning. Any help would be great, going to try to get to as many objections as possible and they must be lodged by July 30th. You seem more informed as to the details which I don’t have time for unfortunately. Am trying to see if I can find anyone in the media who it would be of interest to however I’d need assistance. Surely we can gather a movement of people who would be opposed to this..?!

This development has indeed been approved by Heritage Vic.

So if anyone can help, please contact Loretta.  Also if anyone knows any more details about what is happening, I’d like to know too!

x Kitten of Doom



~ by Kitten of Doom on July 24, 2012.

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