Application to demolish Yorkshire Brewery has been lodged

The sad day has come.

An application to demolish the heritage-listed former Yorkshire Brewery in Collingwood has been lodged by SMA Projects Australia Pty Ltd.  The silos will be demolished and the brick buildings partially demolished.

The proposal from SMA Projects provides for a mixed use development over several buildings, ranging from 1-17 storeys high, and including a cafe, a deli and numerous apartments.

“Key aspects of the proposal include:

  • A total of 349 dwellings are proposed.
  • About 178 square metres of other uses are proposed, including a food and drink premises, a deli and a business centre.
  • A total of 348 car spaces are proposed. The applicant is seeking a reduction in the standard car parking requirement.
  • Demolition of the silos buildings and part demolition of existing buildings on the site.”

An information session about the application will be held at the Richmond Town Hall (333 Bridge Road) on Thursday 3 November, from 6pm-7pm. Planning Officers and the applicant will be available to discuss the proposal and answer any questions.  I plan to attend to find out the extent of the proposed demolition of the brick buildings.  Obviously they are in such a bad state that some work will need to be done on them before they can be converted into anything, but I am worried about just how much they plan to demolish.

If you would like to object to the proposed development, you need to send a submission to the council stating how this development would affect you, and include your name and address.  You need to quote the application no.  PLN11/0750. Submissions can be mailed to the  Statutory Planning Department, c/o Yarra Council, P.O. Box 168 Richmond 3121 or can be emailed to  You need to do this by Monday November 21 (though the sign on the site fence suggests that the relevent authority will not decide before November 19..?)

As the site is Heritage Listed, SMA Projects need to obtain a permit from Heritage Victoria.  Heritage Victoria are seeking feedback from the community as well, so let them know how you feel about it, but you need to do it by this Wednesday October 26th!  More information about it can be found on their site.

Photo from Melbourne Street Art facebook page

We need to make sure these beautiful heritage-listed buildings get looked after!

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on October 24, 2011.

3 Responses to “Application to demolish Yorkshire Brewery has been lodged”

  1. Nice work KoD! You’ve done the info part for us, now let’s get behind it!! Very impressed! Save the Yorkshire brewery!!!

  2. We’re sharing this, thanks. Our members are supportive – but we’re somewhat burnt out by preparing for, and attending the five days at VCAT fighting the Johnston Street Towering Inferno. (Still awaiting a decision)….

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