I can see the city from my window.  Over the tops of the trees in our backyard.  Just.

It is so close, but feels so far away.

But really it is me who is so far away.


Often I wish I was mixed up in the tangle of bodies moving throughout the city streets; on their way to somewhere, to someone waiting for them.

There were nights where I would wander alone around those streets for hours with neither aim nor destination.

Just wanting to exist within the safe glow of the lights.



~ by Kitten of Doom on August 16, 2011.

6 Responses to “Nowhere”

  1. That is far from the CBD. The farthest I could manage was Elsternwick, which was still a tram ride away.

    Enjoying all the photos you’re posting of home 🙂

  2. beautiful view, melbourne is so pretty, i need to get out amongst the city again soon

  3. Not that far actually; it’s Northcote.

    I don’t live there though, this was just a little bit of fiction 😉

    I lived in Port Melbourne for seven months, eventually moved back to the north side ’cause I couldn’t deal with the commuting any more (to/from Fitzroy, that is). Don’t know how you coped with Elsternwick. Would have been awesome in summer though.

    • It was awesome in Summer – Elwood beach yo.

      RYN: (yes that’s OD terminology) I’m proud, I’ve read over it several hundred times and while I overshared a bit too much, don’t regret a word I’ve written – some of it’s going in the book I’m writing.

      Take care 🙂

  4. this shot is very reminiscent of 5 centimetres per second (one of my favourite anime movies). do a google image search and you’ll see what i mean – it’s all in the sky!

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