Train not departing

We stood inert, gazing at the hulk of vandalised metal before our eyes.

“Now what?” I whispered helplessly.

I could hear their footsteps approaching.  The wind hurled loose sheets of tin repeatedly against the roof, a solemn timekeeper of the precious seconds we were losing.

“This must be it.” He didn’t sound convinced.  “This is where he told us to come.”

I looked over my shoulder.   I could see the faint beams of their flashlights a short distance away.  Standing on the open platform, we had nowhere to go.  In a moment, they would find us.


~ by Kitten of Doom on July 15, 2011.

9 Responses to “Train not departing”

  1. errie photograph; your words tie in so well, nice writing

  2. So eerie! I love seeing Melbourne in different ways, this doesn’t look like our city at all.

  3. amazing….

  4. This is awesome. Please, tell me where the old carriage rested and if it’s still there. This is exactly the thing I need for a film shoot.

  5. were is this please?

  6. If this is the same train carriage I am thinking about, wasn’t it recently set on fire? I like this shot though!

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