A tribute to Boris, my retired SLR

My faithful Pentax DSLR, Boris, retired on the weekend.

Taking his place is an as-yet-unnamed shiny new Canon 7D; bigger and a little faster, and a lot more complex.

Boris has been my trusty companion for the past four years, accompanying me on many an urban exploration mission as we scaled silo tops together and sidestepped dodgy holes in floors. He has travelled to exotic locations such as Tongan caves and Darwin pubs.

He has kept the other, less-used cameras on my camera shelf company as they sat there for weeks on end, wondering when I would be able to afford to put film in them again.

Now he gets to have a well-earned rest, but may come out for the occasional guest appearance.

Now, a photo tribute to Boris.

Documenting an abandoned school. (Photo by iPhone)

With the rest of the camera family, August 2010. (Phone by Holga)

On one of our adventures. (Self-portrait by Boris)

Taking a break. (Phone by iPhone)

Thanks for the memories Boris!

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on June 28, 2011.

2 Responses to “A tribute to Boris, my retired SLR”

  1. 7D! Shit just got real, son!

  2. how exciting about your upgrade, i love getting new gear

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