Forgotten photographs

Last weekend a couple of friends and I visited an abandoned high school in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburbs.  The school closed down at the end of last year as it merged with another high school to form one big high school.

A lot of stuff was left behind.  Desks and chairs were all gone, but we found a lot of science equipment (mostly broken), kitchen uternsils, and even team shirts with numbers on them.  Graffiti and strings of toilet paper peppered the buildings.  Some blackboards and whiteboards still had parts of class lessons written on them.

One of the most fascinating rooms was the darkroom.  It was strewn with students’ photographs; some of each other in fancy dress at the school, others of unknown people going about their daily activities.  Landscapes, buildings, cars, pets – all bits and pieces of the students’ lives there in black and white on photographic paper that was still in perfect condition.

My favourite was one of a little girl in ballet costume, lying on her stomach on the floor of a ballet studio watching an older girl dance.  I “rescued” this photo; it now sits on my desk alongside my Mac.  I might frame it; I’m not sure yet.

I wonder if any of the students wish they’d gotten their photographs before they left the school, or if they have forgotten about them completely.  I would be interested in returning the ballet photo to the photographer if they ever happen to see this.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on June 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Forgotten photographs”

  1. That is so epic.

  2. wow that picture tells a story. Whoever took the photo was very talented. keep up the great work KOD

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