Secret Wars Melbourne, Round 4 – Drewfunk vs Braddock

Secret Wars has already been a huge success both overseas and in Sydney, and now it’s Melbourne’s turn.

This event sees well-known street artists come up against each other in one-on-one battles.  Each artist has 90 minutes to draw whatever they like using only black markers, on a big white wall.  At the end two judges read out their votes, and there is also a crowd vote (decibel reader + loudest crowd cheer = winning vote).  The winners from the initial four rounds will meet each other in two semi-finals; the winners of those will battle it out in the final.

I made it down to 1000₤ Bend to see Round 4 between Drewfunk and Braddock on Wednesday night.  It was very close, with both artists scoring a judges vote each (the previous three rounds have all seen both judges votes go to the one artist, automatically making them the winner).  This round was decided by the audience vote, Drewfunk emerging the winner – with a decibel reading of 119 to 116!

Results so far (winners in bold):

  • Round 1 – Scale vs Itch
  • Round 2 – Phibs vs Pierre Lloga
  • Round 3 – Ken Taylor vs DEB
  • Round 4 – Drewfunk vs Braddock

Semi-final 1 – Scale vs Pierre Lloga (Feb)

Semi-final 2 – Ken Taylor vs Drewfunk (March)

You don’t want to miss the semis!

Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on January 14, 2011.

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