The Church 30th Anniversary Tour @ Thornbury Theatre, 19/12/10

I have loved The Church ever since I was six years old and first heard Under the Milky Way. Twenty-two years later and it still affects me utterly profoundly whenever I hear it.  It’s probably still my sentimental favourite, but when I contemplate their entire 30 year career, man, it’s hard to pick just one!

The Church‘s 30th Anniversary tour, ‘An Intimate Space’, ended last night at the Thornbury Theatre; their second show at the venue after the first sold out.  (I didn’t find out they were touring until the second show had already been announced – seriously, I gotta come out from under my rock a bit more!)  The guys chose one song from each of their albums and played them in reverse chronological order.  They toured the show all around America before performing it in Australia, so I think they are looking forward to a well-deserved rest…

One of my other most favourite songs of theirs is Reptile, and this was one of the first songs of the show.  They played a slowed-down, jazz version (“jazzy Reptile”, Steve called it); tremendous.  They also played a flamenco version of Metropolis; loved Marty’s guitar work!  In between songs Steve did a lot of talking, joke-telling, and making fun of other musicians..  He also told some interesting anecdotes, including one about one of the band’s managers –  for all of three months before they fired him whilst sitting in a hot tub in his mansion – who they had discovered was a massive drug importer.

They played three encores, the first song of which was an excellent cover of Smashing Pumpkins Disarm (the Pumpkins covered Reptile when they played V festival in 2008, though I don’t remember them playing it at the Melbourne show – they played it in Sydney though).  Cheers for the extended encore guys… love your work.

The Church next play in Australia on April 10th at Sydney Opera House.  The show is titled ‘A Psychedelic Symphony’ and will feature the George Ellis Orchestra.  This should be quite awesome and I’m seriously thinking about flying over for it, though the only tickets left are towards the back.  I’m not sure it could beat the intimate atmosphere of the Thornbury Theatre though.

I woke up this morning with Almost With You in my head.

What a great show!

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~ by Kitten of Doom on December 20, 2010.

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  1. I was at the first show on Friday night which was also brilliant! Steve’s Ross Wilson dancing impersonation was very amusing…

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