St Ali Laneway Party

What a glorious day!  First up, big props to Drewfunk for curating this amazing event. 

Nextly, big props to the participating artists:

  • Benzo
  • Gimiks
  • Itch
  • Kid Zoom
  • Meggs
  • Monkey
  • Otis Chamberlain
  • Phibs
  • Reka
  • Sync
  • …and of course Drewfunk, whose mural was already painted prior to this event (a couple of years ago I think? Can’t remember…)

It was a gloriously sunny day, full of great beats, rad bikes, beer, smiley peoples… oh and some murals as well!

More pics HERE


~ by Kitten of Doom on February 16, 2010.

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