Collingwood and beyond…

Here I am, enjoying the silence.  I am a little belated with this entry – I took this picture nine days ago – but it makes me happy, so I shall share it with the world whoever happens to accidentally stumble across this blog and have a peek.

Up here in this spot I can forget the mundanity of my daily life, the stress and anxiety, everyone who exists.  Up here I have the peace and sunshine to myself, save for a couple of pigeons.



~ by Kitten of Doom on November 16, 2009.

7 Responses to “Collingwood and beyond…”

  1. Nice

  2. Fabulous! Would you be interested in seeing your work about local places syndicated on local news blogs? See Collingwood for example. Over 400 local bloggers are already contributing. There’s no advertising and no exploitation of your content – just a convenient way for local people to read local news. To contribute please add suburb categories, tags or labels to all of your relevant posts, such as ‘Fitzroy’, ‘Brunswick’, etc and let me know you’ve done this. RSS feeds for these tags are created and added to the local news sites. You should find that syndication brings more traffic to your blog and more comments from readers!

    • Hello.
      This sounds ideal. I already have tags on my entries with the suburb name in it – is that okay? There are only two entires so far… but stayed tuned! 😉

      Edit: I have added categories to my entries now too.

  3. Hello vertigo . . .
    Brave girl!

  4. Wow that looks scary. Just call me a wimp.

    Are you really dangling over that edge over a sheer wall? or is it just a few steps down to another roof?

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