Exploring in thongs

I guess I must first state, for the benefit of my international readers, that by “thongs” I mean “flip-flops” (or “jandals” if you’re from NZ), and not a really skimpy item of lingerie.

This challenge was handed down to me by m1tchell_ on Instagram, after jaz.art questioned why there aren’t any similar type of “feet shots” where the photographer is wearing thongs, rather than sensible shoes.  The type of shot that m1tchell_ posted is one that I termed “urbex feet perspective” about five years ago when the trend of taking a photo from a particular vantage point, with your feet in it to show you were right on the edge of a building, a drain entrance, the arm of a crane, or standing in a trashed abandoned building, was common amongst us urban exploration types.  This was before the Instagram days.  We got sick of it, and it seemed to die for awhile before being revived a couple of years ago during the Instagram rooftopping craze here in Melbourne (I can’t speak for other places).  I think the trend needs to become a little more challenging.  This is where thongs (the footwear, remember) come in.

I used to explore abandoned places a lot in thongs.  Mostly for comfort, as well as my aversion to wearing enclosed shoes (which I seem to have gotten over in recent months).  I stood on the edges of tall buildings in them too; I admittedly have never gone into a drain in thongs, probably because I am not completely crazy.  Just be careful not to trip over your thongs (I do that on flat ground frequently) if you’re standing on the edge of a tall building.  And if you’re in an abandoned building filled with syringes and broken bottle glass (eg. the Yorkshire Brewery in Collingwood back in the day), Look  Before You Step!

The following photos are not some of my best, nor are they the only times I explored in thongs; they just happen the be the shots where I (or someone else) actually took a photo with my thong-clad feet visible.  Often when I explored in thongs, it was because the exploration was completely spontaneous, and I did not have a camera handy.  Sometimes I deliberately wore thongs on a planned outing, because, comfort.  I’m the type of person who wears thongs in winter.  I’m weird, yes; already knew that.


Add pigeon shit to the list of dangers. (Photo: murdoch80)


Argus, my second favourite chillout spot, in thongs AND a long velvet skirt. (Photo: Lonewolf)


Just keeping watch over Collingwood. In thongs. (Photo: murdoch80)


Freemasons hall, in the comfiest thongs ever (orthopedic thongs).


It was the middle of summer; can you blame me? (Photo: murdoch80)


Nothing dangerous about this place providing you successfully jumped over the open shaft at the base of the escalator, without tripping over your thongs. I succeeded! 😀 (Photo: Lonewolf)


Thongs: equally good for climbing through windows of abandoned schools as they are for relaxing on the beach! (Photo: Lonewolf)


Yet another time I explored in an all-black ensemble of long skirt and thongs. (Photo: Lonewolf)


My favourite place to climb through all the broken bottles and syringes (and over a washing machine in the entrance) ♥♥♥

For the record, I’m not saying anyone should explore anywhere remotely dangerous in thongs… but it’s up to you to use common sense.  Maybe get creative with some fancy footwear.  But, seriously, stay away from heels.  Thongs are a lot safer.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on March 2, 2016.

2 Responses to “Exploring in thongs”

  1. Is the second pic from the top from the melbourne power station? there was a great tower thing that you could climb to peer into the apartments sprouting on either sides. And the last pic brought back fond memories of the collingwood silos – I think they’ve been turned into apartments now? the last ladder to the top of the brick tower was missing a second last rung and we had to pull ourselves to the top. I think I was wearing sandals:)

    • The second photo from the top is the Argus Building, which is now an MIT campus.

      The silos in Collingwood have been demolished and 300+ apartments were built around the brick tower. I remember getting up to that top bit. I only did it once; I decided once was enough! That rotting wooden floor…

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