Help! They’re following me!

So I posted this on my Twitter account earlier today…

I’d like to thank Commonwealth Bank for letting me continue to buy stuff with my credit card despite my account already being overdrawn. 😀:D

THEN I returned from my lunch break to find this tweet in reply:

@The_Doom_Kitten Hi there, we saw your tweet. Information about going over your limit can be found here:…. Thanks.

AND then I get THIS one:

@The_Doom_Kitten – feeling kind of let down by your credit provider? Vent about it at uVent – your VENT helps others

And to top it off…

NetBank @NetBank is now following you (@The_Doom_Kitten).

Now I really feel like I’m being watched!

Of course, there is always the “block” option…

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on October 19, 2011.

7 Responses to “Help! They’re following me!”

  1. holy fucking shit, that is scary…. I would block so hard!

  2. omg – astroturfing is evil and must be punished. block!

  3. I like to think they’re just concerned for my welfare. I mean, it’s in their best interests to let me go over my limit; they’re going to make more money from that after all.

    Yeah… concerned for my welfare 😀

  4. lol. nothing is private on the net; perhaps they stalk their name or something
    i hate the cba, crappy bank lol

  5. that’s all a bit creepy

  6. I have Cottee’s Cordial following me because I mentioned them once favourably.


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