More from the abandoned high school



~ by Kitten of Doom on June 11, 2011.

10 Responses to “More from the abandoned high school”

  1. i really like p0066, very interesting perspective. wish i was back in melbourne so i could have shot this school. do you know how long it has been derelict for?

  2. awesome photos, very cool place

  3. HI kitten of doom! My name is Dan. I put on fundraisers for old growth forest campaign groups (the wild things festival). We used to have it at an old school cum artists studios in Nth fitzroy but we cannot have it there anymore! I really want to keep it in a school enviro and have been looking for empty schools so we can run This years “Wild Things Fete!” Where is this school?
    my email is

  4. where is this high school? which suburb and whats the name of the school?

  5. Hello Again where is this? i just wet myself with excitement lol

  6. I used to go to this school thirty years ago wow a lot of memory’s come back especially in the school hall

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