Happy up here

You’re probably well aware of my favourite spot in Melbourne.

As it’s basically unaccessible at the moment, let me introduce you to my second favourite spot in Melbourne.

Enjoy the view.

Look down; you know you want to.

Just enjoying the daybreak solitude.

x Kitten of Doom

PS. Yes the title of this post comes from the Royksopp song.


~ by Kitten of Doom on September 30, 2011.

10 Responses to “Happy up here”

  1. wow!! watch out for high winds…

    • It was super slippery in that second pic. It wasn’t scary at the time (I love heights and am very coordinated) but the pic actually looks quite scary; scarier than it was!

    • Oh!! I went to Brunswick Brickworks last weekend; I was a couple of weeks too late :/ The tops of the kilns are gone, and everything is fenced off. So sad. I was surprised to see just how close the housing is to the remains of the brickworks. I used to live on Brunswick Rd in 2008 just past Jewell station and not once did I walk past the brickworks. MAJOR REGRET! (Thank god for the Rippled video though.) 🙂

  2. I can’t handle that stuff. My rational mind knows I won’t fall off if I’m careful, but the latent reptillian parts of my brain tell me that high = bad and I always gets anxious and jittery. It’s completely counter-productive to not falling from high places if every time I’m on one my knees turn to jelly.

    Stupid brain.

  3. Love it! Awesome pics KoD! Heading there today in the rain… hope I dont slip!!!!! 🙂

  4. woah! post apocolyptic-y. you are one brave lady to standing on that ledge too, awesome post!

  5. Such a great spot! Walk past often, always wondered what it looked like from above. Thanks KoD…

  6. ahh suddenly feeling a little nauseated from the height
    do you ever get scared being up that high?

  7. I just realised where/what this building is, I was there last week, how the hell did you get in? i did a full lap!

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