Sad abandonment

Abandoned places are interesting to explore.  Factories with ancient equipment, silos with amazing views, hotels with decore of decades long past… the list goes on.  Many have beautiful graf pieces.

Then there are the not-so-nice things to find, such as syringes, pigeon crap, dead animals, etcetera.

And then there are the things that are just plain sad.  Clothing or personal items belonging to people who once lived there.  Photographs and childrens’ artwork still on the walls.  Messages scrawled on a wall by students and teachers as their school is shut down.  Some places just exude an air of sadness.  It is as though the people who once brought life to those places have been forgotten.

Last weekend I went on a little roadtrip and found such a place.  A factory that went into liquidation several years ago, this place had been partially demolished but still had workers’ equipment, personal files, and even photographs of a fishing trip they went on still stuck on a (semi-demolished) wall.  Some of the files dated back to the 40s and 50s, with some of the workers’ birthdates listed as being in the late 1800s.  The files had been neatly typed on a typewriter and were still in their filing cabinets.  How does a company just leave this stuff and walk away when they close?

I found the photographs of the fishing trip on the walls to be the saddest thing.

Nothing in the office has been left untouched. There were even floppy disks.

Photo by Murdoch80 (click for link)

Lonely hardhat

Abandoned safety gear

Photos from an employees' fishing trip, still on a semi-demolished wall. Photo by Murdoch80 (click for link).

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