Rainbow dinosaur cake!

On Saturday night Bel, Renee and I had a joint birthday party, plus their housewarming, plus their dogwarming (they are fostering a retired greyhound for three weeks).  Bel loves dinosaurs, so Renee and I decided to make her a dinosaur cake.

We made two batches of cake mix, divided it up into four bowls, and put a different food colouring in each.

I had no idea how to get a nice marbled effect, so Renee just poured the bowls one by one into the tins.  It worked out really well:

Then we had to cut the dinosaur shapes out of the cake.  As I have no creative ability whatsoever, Renee drew the dinosaur design on paper first and then cut the shapes out of the cake.  We covered the tray with dessicated coconut coloured with green food dye, to represent grass.  Then assembled the dinosaur parts on top.

The rainbow dinosaur looked pretty cool:

After icing him yellow, we added Lindt chocolate squares cut in half as the spines along his back and for his toenails.  Green, brown and white M’n’Ms on his body and for the eye.  Green sugar balls on his neck and legs, and a bit of leftover pink cake for his tongue.

We truly outdid ourselves this time (and by “we” I mean mostly Renee) and Bel loved it.  Not bad for something we made up as we went along.

And as an added bonus, Bel and Erica had made me a cat cake:

Pretty special.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on April 2, 2012.

One Response to “Rainbow dinosaur cake!”

  1. OMGs! That dinosaur cake is AMAZING! 😀

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