So I can now say I’ve been to Perth…

I got back from Perth late on Wednesday night.  It wasn’t a holiday, as I was over there to say goodbye to someone whom I loved very much.  They had been battling leukemia for a year and, unfortunately, lost that battle early on Sunday morning.

I caught up with many dear friends while I was over there.  It was good that we were finally all together again, which is something I’d been wanting for ages… just unfortunate about the completely crap circumstance.  I met quite a few awesome new people too; friends, family and workmates who were also there to lend a hand and say goodbye.  I also got to catch up with the wonderful Kezza, who not only put me up in her house for a couple of nights, but cooked the most amazing vegie lasagna and introduced me to the comic talents of Demetri Martin.  She is also a nifty guitar player.

What a crazy ten days.  I didn’t take many photos, as I didn’t take a camera with me (or barely any clothes for that matter) so had the trusty ol’ iPhone out again.  I had to buy a second charger for it as I left mine in Melbourne, but oh my god I would have gone insane alone in that hotel room without text messaging or internet.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on April 15, 2011.

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