Der Raum’s “Dash of Bitters” degustation

Sooooo I was back at Der Raum last night after not having been there for awhile.  The last degustation I attended there was… March..?  I think.  That one was martinis… delicious, delicious… martinis… -dribble-


Last night’s degustation was all about bitters, and I figured since I know just about nothing about bitters except that Angostura makes some, I’d go along.

So now I still don’t know that much about bitters, but I have experienced some tasty, tasty cocktails containing them!

I’m also having a little trouble remembering what was in each of the cocktails, particularly the non-bitters components (observant, I know…) BUT involved was: dehydrated Campari (DELICIOUS on it’s own, eaten with a spoon!) , a foamy version of a lemon-lime-and-bitters in a long test-tube type thing, tasty alcoholic sorbet served in a cup (could totally get away with consuming this one in public places), saffron-infused bourbon disguised as a dessert of pannacotta consistency, and a dry-iced mint-choc palate cleanser to finish consisting of four different types of bitters and eaten whole.  Very cold.  And tasty.  Have I used the word “tasty” enough yet?

Saffron-infused bourbon disguised as dessert, with "fairy floss". That's absinthe in that there syringe. Tasty.

All excellent courses, as per usual.  Surprisingly, I didn’t end up as drunk as I thought I would.  I suspect the giant serving of beer-battered fish-and-chips I had at the Union beforehand helped save me.  Seriously, the size of those fish-and-chips is ridiculous.

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~ by Kitten of Doom on October 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Der Raum’s “Dash of Bitters” degustation”

  1. been meaning to go here for awhile now, that cocktail sounds like fun! heard theres a member only policy or something these days, sigh!

    • Yeah you have to buy membership, which I’ve been intending to do but have never got around to. Lovely bar with laid-back vibes, and excellent cocktails and bartenders.

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