Urban Seagulls, Vol. 1: The Seagulls of Citylink Swamp

Out trekking along Moonee Ponds Creek and Railway Canal, I came across some seagulls taking a drink in their natural urban environment, the swamplands shadowed by the Citylink bridge.  I admired them for awhile, being the seagull fan that I am (really) and this inspired me to start a new, probably fairly sporadic, series called Urban Seagulls.


You would never expect that there would be seagulls around the corner.


But… lo and behold… seagulls.


Frolicking in the swamplands next to Citylink.


Drinking that tasty-looking water right up.


After my seagull friends left, I loitered around for a while feeling lonely.

It’s a common myth that seagulls only hang out at beaches.  In the coming weeks, months and maybe even years I will be documenting the gulls who prefer the hustle and bustle of the urban sprawl to the relaxing beaches; who would rather burn their feet on hot cement than on hot sand.  Keep an eye out while you’re eating your hangover Maccas in a park tomorrow after your new year’s eve party benders, the urban seagulls will be out in force – and they will be hungry!

Happy new year and all that jazz.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on December 31, 2015.

7 Responses to “Urban Seagulls, Vol. 1: The Seagulls of Citylink Swamp”

  1. ‘It’s a common myth that seagulls only hang out at beaches’ … peck, peck, peck…
    Happy New Year

  2. stunning photos.

  3. I notice gulls i think from my survival days because they indicate a water source (usually) or food. You can also find them quite regularly at Northcote Plaza, ( the big car park at coles ), Preston Markets, and also if you really want to trek, they are at MILDURA!!! I think they are able to reach that far inland due to the Murray River, i’m not sure how far along the Murray they would go but if you look on a map you can see how far Mildura is from ocean. great roadtrip BTW 😉 mallee country is so cool.

    PS, i walked on wilsons prom once out onto a rocky island outcrop and there were giant gulls there, maybe 4 times the size of a normal city gull.

  4. Beaut photos. I have also met some black swans on the Moonee Ponds creek, under the Citylink.

  5. Years ago i used to live on Church st.. just directly opposite this “swamp” and one night some explory friends and i .. actually climbed inside the service tunnels of this citylink bridge .. lots of birds inside too 🙂 ..

    It surprisingly goes all the way to southbank!.. i wonder if those holes we jumped into to get in there.. are still accessible!..
    ahh the memories.

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