Mediterranean laziness, part five: Cádiz

Like La Spezia, Cádiz too was a favourite stopover of mine. Amazing architecture again, a laid-back vibe (even in the more touristy spots) and nice weather made me want to spend a few days here, rather than the few hours we had.



After wandering the narrow, winding cobblestoned streets looking in shop windows and admiring the architecture, we found our way back at the water, in front of a wall barrier with rocks below.  Not far along the coast was a sandy beach.  I really wanted to go, but the others decided to head back to the boat early.  I continued wandering on my own – of course I went to the beach.



It was a beautiful walk, and I only wished I’d worn a bikini, but at most ports we’d stopped at there hadn’t been anywhere nearby where we could swim (that we could see, anyway).  Cádiz is beautiful, and swimming in the Mediterranean would have made for a good break from swimming in the ship’s chlorinated pools.  I did take my thongs off and wade in a little at least.



After my beach visit I bought some handmade bronze earrings from a street vendor and a handmade leather satchel bag from a leather store, and some gelato, before wandering back to the ship – slowly, so as to soak up as much sunshine and relaxed Mediterranean vibes as possible.

The next and final instalment is Sintra, Portugal.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on November 15, 2015.

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