Historic facade on St Georges Road to become Northwood apartments

Ever wondered what the old facade that’s been propped up on St George’s Road for the past few years is going to be used for?


Picture: Kitten of Doom

Construction is still to start of a block of 71 one- and two-bedroom apartments backing onto the Merri Creek trail at the top of Fitzroy North.  The building will be seven stories high and is named “Northwood“.


Picture: mayfairinvestmentgroup.com.au

The building was originally the Merri Palais, a theatre and ballroom, I believe, but information is hard to come by.  The majority of the Merri Palais was demolished in 2010 with only the facade remaining.  The building was then sold in October 2013.

So many beautiful old theatres in Melbourne have been demolished; I would love to have been able to see them in their hey-day.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on October 22, 2014.

3 Responses to “Historic facade on St Georges Road to become Northwood apartments”

  1. There some interior images on the state library Victoria catalog – it was nice and plastery. No exterior shots though. Another website says 1920, so it was probably a flat floored hall / cinema, later given a more elaborate interior.

  2. This was the original “MERRI PALAIS” dance hall. The HOYTS MERRI THEATRE was next door, but was burnt down by fire.

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