Stop stealing my Larundel photos, children

I’m tired of kids obsessed with Larundel stealing my photos, so I’m going to make this post.  I’m doing so because the person in question clearly didn’t learn their lesson about stealing other peoples’ work the first time I pulled them up on it.

“Urbex” (urban exploration) has taken off in Melbourne since the end of last year, with a tonne of kids around the 15-20 age group jumping on the bandwagon.  You’ve probably seen a bunch of them in the media getting onto rooftops and into the City Loop with t-shirts over their faces.  This is apparently a good way to get famous, so they made a video about it.  At least they take their own shots and the video was nicely-made.

They seemed to have inspired a lot of other kids with this video, because there seem to be a bunch of them coming out of the woodwork trying to get their 15 minutes of fame.  In particular, kids who are obsessed with a once-derelict and now semi-redeveloped ex-mental hospital named Larundel (which I have posted about before).

If you want to make your own amateur video about how haunted and creepy Larundel is, whatever, go for it.  But just because you jumped on the bandwagon so late that you don’t have any good shots of your own (and by late I mean the last building has already begun to be redeveloped and is no longer abandoned) – don’t steal other peoples’ photos and use them to promote your upcoming “documentary”.

Here we have Instagram user “anthonyurbexmelb”.  Anthony used one of my photos without permission to promote his so-called “documentary”.  He also altered it by plastering text across it – another no-no.

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 11.24.19 AM

I asked him to remove it, and noticed further down he had previously used someone else’s Larundel photo, again without credit.  I commented “another stolen photo”.  I didn’t think to screencap this one, so you can take my word for it or don’t.  Both photos were deleted and I was also blocked – I can only presume this was to stop me calling him out on other stolen photos.

So I had another look (yes, I can still see your photos, Anthony) and lo-and-behold there are two more photos used without credit which were taken by Shot by Matt – Matt Lindsay Photography.  He didn’t delete either of these, presumably because no-one has commented on them saying they were stolen.  So he doesn’t care about stealing other peoples’ work, as he only deleted the shots that he was called-out on.

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 2.53.44 PM

^ Original shot by Matt here.

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 2.56.17 PM

^ Original shot by Matt here.

Next up, a shot by Leanne Cole Photography which he altered and posted on his Facebook page.

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 3.56.20 PM

^ Original shot by Leanne Cole here.

Amazing that someone calling themselves a filmmaker is using other peoples’ work to promote their video.

I don’t have screenshots of the other times my photos have been used without permission or credit, but the people in question took them down when asked so that’s okay.  There is still a Facebook account called Larundel Bundoora up with my same photo as their profile picture though.  Why someone has made a Facebook account as the persona of an abandoned mental hospital boggles my mind but oh well.

Screen shot 2014-09-17 at 3.24.25 PM

As a side note, I find it somewhat offensive that Larundel is repeatedly referred to as an “asylum” rather than a “hospital”.  It was a hospital, and if anyone did an ounce of research they would realise this.  I can only imagine how “anthonyurbexmelb”‘s documentary is going to turn out when he’s referring to Mont Park as a “bad boy asylum”.  Perhaps do some research, Anthony, and do your own work, rather than using other peoples’ without permission.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on September 17, 2014.

6 Responses to “Stop stealing my Larundel photos, children”

  1. this stealing stuff is not good.
    my Larundel fotos are ‘friends only’ on flickr, so the public cannot access them.

  2. Hey kittenofdoom, I know Anthony personally and have been with him to many of his “urbex adventures”. If it is of any help, I will speak to him and tell him to either give you credit or remove the photos. He has used some of my images Aswell, without consent, however my watermarks are visible when when cropped, although this may tarnish the image a bit, I still have the RAW files to use at will.
    I am sorry that he has upset you.


  3. I had no idea about this. I haven’t had access to my wordpress site for about 12 months. I’m back and a little behind the times. Were these ever taken down?

    • Hey Matt. Yes he ended up deleting all of them, and changed his IG name. He did end up apologizing to me (after initially blaming me for the theft of my own work because I didn’t watermark my images… sigh) so I took his name out of the tags. Never did see anything more about that Larundel doco.

      • Oh okay then, what a dick. I have had it happen once before, not long after I lost access to wordpress but it happened on a blogspot site. I reported it and not long after that his site disappeared. I added you on IG by the way. I really need to get back into the swing of things on here.

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