Another Melbourne school bites the dust

Are there any Melbourne schools still operating?

We visited the heavily-vandalised Pembroke Secondary College last week, although this has been abandoned since late last year.  Furniture, computers, art supplies, gym equipment – all left behind.  I was especially stoked to find a full-size gymnastics balance beam.  Sadly, I am not as fit and agile as I was back in my gymnastics days.  No flips on the beam for me.

Why do these buildings remain abandoned for so long?

Sorry this post is a little image heavy.  It’s a big school.






















Schools are closing down at a rather fast rate these days.  Which school do you think will be next to go?

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~ by Kitten of Doom on July 10, 2014.

8 Responses to “Another Melbourne school bites the dust”

  1. There’s a primary school getting prepped for demolish this week. I was there the other day and the fence is up and most trees cleared. I think the asbestos guys are there at the moment removing it.

  2. wow these are amazing!! crazy but beautiful

  3. I think one reason why they stay empty for so long is that the vic gov cant find a buyer . i know a school site here in the sth east that was recently sold . and theres another site not too far away . i know graff exists on the outside of both sides, not sure whats going on inside.Generally when schools close down they stay alarmed

  4. In the case of Pembroke Secondary College, the school was moved to a brand new $20M complex nearby. The old campus was severely damaged by fire just a few weeks before the move could take place and much of the equipment such as stoves, computers, papers, etc. were unable to be taken across to the new site due to heavy smoke and water damage. Due to very complex reasons the site was not fully secured after the move hence the vandalism. The site has now been cleared. Normally the site remains as is for 12 months while the Education Department decide if they need it. After that is left for a further 12 months for other government departments to decide if they can use it. Finally it goes to public tender.

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