Berlin’s abandoned spy towers

After multiple European urbex fails, something actually went right.  Rejoice!

I made the trek out to the abandoned spy towers in western Berlin with a couple of Melbourne chaps who are friends-of-a-friend… by “trek” I mean we caught an air-conditioned cab most of the way there, followed by a 20-minute hike up a path through the forrest.  Hey, we’re on holidays.

The spy towers were used by the Americans during the Cold War to intercept communication by the Soviets over in the eastern part of Berlin.  The site was supposed to be developed into apartments years ago, but that never happened, and now the area is zoned as park or national park or something like that so I don’t think anything will be built there.

It’s quite a popular location to visit – there were about 30 people there when we went, including a small child with his parents.  Most were just sitting around, chilling out and drinking.

The very top dome has some trippy acoustics.  One dude was recording sounds on his laptop.  Any sound, even a whisper, was magnified and reverberated around the dome.  Murdoch went the week before I did and has a video of the sounds in the dome.

You get some great views of the city in the distance from the upper levels, and it was cool to see pieces of graffiti that I’d seen in photos a couple of years ago, in person.

No sign of any security this time, which was a nice change.

You can see more photos on Cy Crowe‘s site as well as a few more of mine.

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~ by Kitten of Doom on July 18, 2012.

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