Chernobyl, Day 3 – a school and a rooftop

We started the third day with a visit to another school.   I found the schools to be very moving, and I imagine that most people who have visited Pripyat would say the same thing.

Books, toys, and little shoes still covered the classrooms.

After the school we checked out a few nearby apartment blocks.  Again, the lure of getting onto the roof was too strong for us to say no to. These blocks were taller, and we climbed one that was 18 stories tall.  Great view from the top.  We could see the reactor in the distance.  It was windy as hell.  Murdoch was brave and worked on conquering his (now dwindling) fear of heights by getting as close as he could to the edge despite the perilously windy conditions (even I didn’t stand right on the edge, it was that windy).

Wrap-up coming soon.

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~ by Kitten of Doom on July 14, 2012.

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