Abandoned shoe factory and shop

Another Sunday, another exploration.  First up for today was an abandoned shoe factory.

Judging by the dates of the newspapers left in the factory, it has been abandoned for awhile.  There is hardly any graffiti though.

Upstairs from the factory is the former sales showroom, and office area.

Not sure why they closed down.  If they were relocating they would have taken the machinery and shoe moulds with them.  Perhaps they went out of business.

I will post the second half of today’s explore tomorrow.

x Kitten of Doom

~ by Kitten of Doom on March 11, 2012.

17 Responses to “Abandoned shoe factory and shop”

  1. Nice!! 🙂

  2. Take me with you?! You’re my urbex idol!

  3. Brilliant!

  4. Wow! Great find! Looking forward to more pics…

  5. Wow! These photos are amazing! Can’t WAIT to see where you go to next ;-D

  6. it’s amazing how things just get left behind like this & also rather sad

  7. These are awesome man, been doing quite a bit of urbex my self, where do you get your sources for finding these places? Is this one still abandoned? Cheers,

  8. Heyy these are awesome !! Doing a photography project on abandoned factories .. Just wondering the address of this place ?

  9. miss kitten my cuz and i love your webpage. we love going to see places like this, we live im mornington but we dont mind a drive. we would love to come with you or to get some address of you if thats ok.
    thanks madz

  10. Can anybody please let me know where the shoe factory is

  11. We are doing a movie and would like to know know where this place is please. If it’s no trouble please e mail me the address. Cheers.

  12. Would like to see this part of Melbourne where abouts is this shoe factory ?would like to check on the actual history of the place very interesting !!!

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