Omar Rodriguez-Lopez @ East Brunswick Club

I went to both of Omar’s shows at the East Brunswick Club in the two days following the Le Butcherettes gig at Northcote Social Club.  ‘Cause I’m such a loyal future wife n all.

Both his Melbourne shows were sold out, and a packed East Bruns Club saw me resorting to wearing five inch heels so that I could see over peoples’ heads.  Genius idea on my part, I have to say; I don’t know why wearing five inch heels to a gig had never occurred to me before.

I was in the back courtyard as Le Butcherette’s finished their set on the first of the two nights, and as I was walking back inside, Teri bolted past me with Omar right behind her (don’t know what that was about).  He pretty much brushed right past me, and as I realised it was him, it was too late and he was gone…


Anyway, Days of My Life moments aside, both shows were awesome; Omar is just too cool for school onstage, and his crazy drummer is craaazeh!  Unfortunately I was feeling nauseous on the second night and had to go outside for fresh air, thus missing the last twenty minutes of his set (here’s a hint for you kids: don’t mix medication with alcohol, especially when it says on the box “do not take this medication with alcohol”).  So, in short – if you didn’t go, sucks to be you.  (Sorry Steve!)

Also, Teri from Le Butcherettes is quite short in person, which makes her even cuter in my opinion.

I’m not actually a live music critic, so if you were expecting any useful and informative content in this post that doesn’t consist pretty much solely of my infatuation with Omar, then sorry.  Hope this pic makes up for it!

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on December 15, 2011.

7 Responses to “Omar Rodriguez-Lopez @ East Brunswick Club”

  1. Awesome!

    Brushed with fame! Haha

    Live the pics!

  2. ….iPhone fail!

    Also LOVE the pics…. But yes, living them too!

  3. I had no one to go with…..twice! Very jealous, had you seen at the drive in before the split? I saw them at the big day out, so lucky, I’m sorry but I am.

  4. lucky you.

    like the little snow flakes on your page btw 🙂

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