Le Butcherettes @ Northcote Social Club

First up, I have to admit, I only bought a ticket to this show because Omar plays bass in this band.  I am a massive Mars Volta fan.  I only heard of Le Butcherettes because Omar is involved.

Secondly, I was in such a foul mood this afternoon that I almost didn’t go to the gig.

I am going to Omar’s two headlining gigs (tomorrow and Wednesday) so what did it matter if I didn’t go to the Le Butcherette’s show tonight?  He’s only playing bass with them, and it’s their show, not his, and I hadn’t heard a single song of theirs before.

But I still went ’cause I figured it would be a good photo op… the next two nights are at a bigger venue and both are sold out; it would hard to get a prime photography spot at the front of the stage.  Tonight would be ideal for that.  So I got there, a little late, but like all good bands they were late starting.

Boy am I glad I went!

Their music is GREAT, but more importantly, their singer Teri has amazing energy that I haven’t seen from any band in awhile.  She’s dynamic, she’s completely lost in the moment, she looks fucking HOT up there doing her thing… she’s so good I actually forgot Omar was even there.

Halfway through the set she stage dived backwards into the crowd, then proceeded to slink her way through to the back without missing a note – only to return moments later, crawling through my legs, to jump back onto the stage.

The drummer is a machine.  Their energy didn’t let up for the rest of the show and I am sincerely glad I overcame my lame-ass laziness from earlier in the evening to make it down there – I loved them!  I will definitely be paying more attention to Le Butcherettes from now on.

It’s ridiculous how an amazing band can improve your mood.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on December 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Le Butcherettes @ Northcote Social Club”

  1. Shit! I wanted to go to this, time just passed by too quick and I forgot, bummer 😓

  2. nice shots!

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