21st Meredith Music Festival roundup

Went to Meredith on the weekend!  Believe it or not, it was my first Meredith Music Festival.  I went to my first Golden Plains in March – for those of you who aren’t from Victoria, both festivals are held at the same site, but Meredith is a bit bigger than Golden Plains.

Although everyone else was mostly excited about seeing Grinderman, I was more excited about Icehouse.  And they did not disappoint!  A band that has been around so long that vocalist Iva Davies recounted a tale of playing a show in East Berlin before the fall of the wall, and at one stage quipped, “We’re going to play one of our newer songs now; this one is only 25 years old…”  I’m not sure that everyone who was rocking out to Icehouse was old enough to remember their heyday, but hey, I can still remember Icehouse videos being played on Rage (guess my age all you like!)  But everyone did rock out, and the standout moment was Glenn Reither emerging from the shadows behind his keyboard and strutting to the front of the stage to play the sax solo midway through Electric Blue.  The crowd lost it’s shit.

Cut Copy brought energy and atmosphere, and I’m not really big on them normally but they were great live.  Grinderman were great, as was to be expected, with Nick Cave jumping all over the place, off the stage, back onto the stages, going crazy as Nick Cave has a tendency to do.  After their final song he announced that that was the final Grinderman show EVER.   Was this really true? we pondered.  Surely not.  Our verdict in the end was… yes it was.  But he will be back, no doubt, sooner rather than later with something new.

Graveyard Train were terrific as per usual, Jerry’s vege burgers were their usual amazing selves, and we made bucketloads – literally – of sangria, which we managed to consume every last drop of.  Seriously the best fun.  Don’t eat taro chips though – just don’t.

My friend Mark ran around dressed like a tele-tubby jumping over things and onto people.  It was beautiful.  And slightly sexual.  I hope someone got a pic because I didn’t.

I was lazy with my camera but here’s a few random shots.

Peeps signing the "happy 21st" key

An eagle... of some description...

Cookie, our group's official photographer (and Hugh!)


Chillin' on the golden plains

Garbage bag doona + goonbag pillow = WIN

Field of dreams

Ah the country... so fresh and wholesome

Throwing taro chips at each other, 'cause they're shit and we're childish

Sunday morning sleepyness

No band photos, but my mate Cookie should have some gems which I will post once he’s put them online.

Also, the weather was DIVINE.  It was supposed to bucket down all weekend and it was hot and sunny except for a brief deluge during Cut Copy’s set, but we were all prepared with poncho anyway.  Ha, take THAT weather!

x Shmitten Kitten


~ by Kitten of Doom on December 12, 2011.

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  1. My nephew went and took a couch with him. That looks like him with dreads on a deck chair.

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