Abandoned suburbia

An ex-mansion-cum-retirement home lays abandoned and derelict.

It’s former inhabitants’ lives forgotten.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on June 16, 2011.

5 Responses to “Abandoned suburbia”

  1. are these shot on film? they have beautifully soft tones.

    i really like suburbia02.

    • Nah I shot them on my Pentax SLR; 3 seconds of editing was involved afterwards. I’m experimenting with lowering the contrast instead of increasing it like I normally do 😉

  2. great photos, somethings amiss in surburbia….

  3. there’s an abandoned galvanised steel factory (fun for the whole family), access is pretty dicey as it’s a main rd. you can approach the factory from the ***** st end of ***** st where you stand a greater chance of gaining entry. i’ve been keen to have a crack at this place but it’s always pretty hot with security patrols and today was no different. be wary if trying to gain access via the ***** st end, the factory opposite has cameras mounted, hence trying the ***** st end. i would have been there all of 10 minutes before a red security guard car pulled up. me and the security bloke had a nice chat. place seems to be pretty popular as apparently they had the coppers and dogs out there last night. funnly enough prior to mr security rocking up i looked through a peep hole and there were a couple of people already in there, hope they didn’t get pinched. like you, i check out these places cos they’re good for photography, so this places is really pissing me off, it’s starting to become my white whale. anyway, if you check it out hope you have better luck than me, you might want to have someone as a lookout. oh and i should mention i think there’s a police inpound lot off ***** st too, so the boys in blue may not be too far away. i do like a challenge tho.

  4. would love to check this out, would you have the address? 🙂

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