311-313 Wellington St, Collingwood. Please can I have.


[Photos from realestateview.com.au]

I can see why people get addicted to buying lotto tickets now…

x Kitten of Doom

(Anyone know of any rich single guys..?)

~ by Kitten of Doom on April 20, 2011.

7 Responses to “311-313 Wellington St, Collingwood. Please can I have.”

  1. Hey there, did you take these?

    Loving your blog… voted for your pic!


    • Hey thanks for voting :). No I didn’t take these pics, they’re from realestateview.com.au.

      I just had a look at your blog, enjoyed the Gary Numan pics. I am in Adelaide at the moment and going to see him here tomorrow night. Jealous you got to meet him!

  2. It was absolute luck, meeting Gary… I was looking for the tour manager, Chris, to sort out shooting Severed Head (support) as well… Security just sent me in and said, speak to that guy sitting with Gary… Went and said hello… I’d photographed Gary in London with Ade Fenton last year, so it was nice to say hello. You post a lot about Real Estate? I have a house in Richmond… thinking of selling it me thinks… need a bit more space.

  3. That was my house! It was such a great place to live and we were very sad to be selling it, however our family was expanding at a greater rate than the house!Collingwood was a really great place to live, so if the house comes on the market again, go and have a look. With any luck the prices may have dropped!

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