Drew Funk ‘Black Linings’ at No Vacancy

Last night was the opening night of Drew Funk‘s Black Linings exhibition – his first solo exhibition.

This show was a bit of a departure from Drew’s usual works.  Not a dragon in sight!  Plenty of fish though, and they were accompanied by lots of other little creatures – bunnies, geckos, frogs, snakes.


Soooooo cute.  I want them all.  Many were sold by the time I got to there just after 7.

Drew, it’s my birthday tomorrow, can you draw me a bunny? 😀

There were even real fish.

Drew looked schmicko in a suit.  Excuse the terrible quality of the photo.  iPhone all the way.  I am getting the flu and it was an effort to even get to the show, let alone lug an SLR along with me.

Black Linings runs until April 3rd; get on down to No Vacancy at QV in the city to check it out.

x Kitten of Doom


~ by Kitten of Doom on March 25, 2011.

One Response to “Drew Funk ‘Black Linings’ at No Vacancy”

  1. GREAT show, love your pics – sadly mine were a disaster 😦 I was there super early and crowd was huge. How cool were all the tiny details – black fish and plastic animals? Awww…

    Hope you get well soon!

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