Argus building

I really love this building.  I haven’t been inside it – yet (some of my flickr contacts have, and they have taken some amazing photos).

The Argus was originally home to a Melbourne newspaper named – wait for it – The Argus.  In recent years, the building was purchased by La Trobe university to be converted into a city campus, but this development never eventuated.  Apparently this was due to the presence of asbestos inside the building.

Walking Melbourne says “In 2004, La Trobe University purchased the building with the view of restoring it and use it as a CBD campus.  The  plans included completing the clock tower of the original design.  However the costs of renovating the building and removing asbestos proved too high and the university sold the building late in 2008.”

I’ve always thought it would be so awesome if the Argus was my house! Imagine sitting on that corner balcony watching the sun rise over the city!

For now, though, the Argus sits abandoned; ignored by the business hordes as they make their way through the city each day.  It would be lovely to see her restored.

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~ by Kitten of Doom on March 16, 2011.

9 Responses to “Argus building”

  1. Yes, once they get rid of the asbestos, it would be lovely. Until then, though, I’d stay where you are!

  2. …but you already knew that

    • One would assume that any old building would contain asbestos. I have it on good authority that there is asbestos in the floors. They are solid though. All interior walls have been removed, and there are no loose building materials/substances floating around. The limited amount of time I spent inside the building would not likely contribute to me suffering any asbestos-related problems later in life. Thanks for your comments.

  3. HELLO!
    I too love this building and sitting on the balcony and roof is amazing! Awesome views!

  4. The owner of Melbourne Institute of Technology bought it from Latrobe for a killer fifteen million with similar intentions, which were supposed to be completed by 2011.
    So I guess that fell through too.
    Really is a shame such a nice building in the heart of the city is left to rot as a shell.

  5. I love this place just visiting from Qld, I would love to turn into one bedroom apratments for long term rent. If they sold it to for less than a mill ha ha

  6. I am very interestd in visiting this art deco building and exploring more of marvellous Melbourne’s history.

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