Planet Love Sound @ The Penny Black, 14/1/11

I only discovered Planet Love Sound recently when I saw a message on Dukes of Windsor’s facebook page advertising a PLS show that night.  PLS are comprised of two members of Dukes – Oscar Dawson and Joe Franklin – along with vocalist Tina Stefanou.   I was unable to attend the advertised show, but I did get to see them at a last-minute show they played at the Penny Black in Brunswick on Friday night, as the support for Howlin’ Steam Train.

I was familiar with a couple of their tracks before the show, Thirsty and On the Run (check out their facebook page for free tracks). These both sounded great live – more guitar heavy than their recordings, which are quite electronic based.  Tina is a tiny girl with a huge voice, and with such stage presence it’s hard to draw your eyes from her.  I loved the tracks I hadn’t heard before too, and usually I have to be somewhat familiar with a song before I really get into it.

So Planet Love Sound get a big thumbs up from me.  While all three members are from Melbourne, they are based in Berlin (as Dukes of Windsor have been for over a year now).  I understand they will be back there in a couple of months, so now is the time to check them out.

Upcoming shows:

  • Jan 23 – Wesley Anne, Northcote
  • Jan 27 – Worker’s Club, Fitzroy (supporting Tehachapi)
  • Feb 6 – The Evelyn, Fitzroy (supporting Hunting Foxes)
  • Feb 11 – Grace Darling, Collingwood (with Timothy Carroll & Video Day)
  • Feb 12 – Pure Pop Records, St Kilda (with Timothy Carroll)

On a side note, Harmony Byrne played before PLS at the Penny Black on Friday, and she was delightful.  She too covered Roads (I posted a video several weeks ago of Dan Lethbridge, Nick Milwright and Nick Batterham covering this lovely Portishead song).  Handy with both a guitar and a keyboard,  I would like to see her play again at some stage.

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~ by Kitten of Doom on January 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “Planet Love Sound @ The Penny Black, 14/1/11”

  1. thanks for the review, much appreciated 🙂

  2. Cool review,
    You should come and check them out again at the Workers Club show on the 27th.
    And also have a look at Tehachapi.
    PLS and Tehachapi are very complementing sounds.

    Keep blogging!!


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