Fourth Floor Collapse take a musical tram trip up Brunswick Street

Fourth Floor Collapse are an awesome formerly-of-Perth-now-of-Melbourne band who I first heard on Triple J back in late 2005 – or was it early 2006? – and voted for them in the next Hottest 100. They were that good. I saved their name in my phone when I heard them on the radio so I could look them up later.

I have seen them play around Melbourne a few times, firstly at the Rob Roy (2007), then the Empress (2007), then the Espy (2008), then finally the East Brunswick Club (also 2008), the latter of which proved how much they had matured as a live band. That last one was an amazing show; Ashes sticks in my head as the greatest performance of the night.

I seem to keep missing their new shows, or they cancel the ones I am able to make – it’s just not working out. And this makes me sad. But I came across this today:

Fourth Floor Collapse – Sun

I miss you guys 😦

New show pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

Also… is there any footage/audio of their late 2008 show at East Brunswick Club that anyone knows about?  And what was the name of the brass band who supported them and did that awesome rendition of Killing in the Name ?

x Kitten of Doom

(Half of) Fourth Floor Collapse at The Empress in 2007


~ by Kitten of Doom on December 28, 2010.

One Response to “Fourth Floor Collapse take a musical tram trip up Brunswick Street”

  1. The Lowdown Street Orchestra. Is the answer to my last question.

    This isn’t from the gig where they supported Fourth Floor at the East Brunswick Club, but it’s the same cover of Killing in the Name that they played there.

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