Access denied

The Yorkshire Brewery – secured again.

From the look of it yesterday, it’s pretty impenetrable.

I would say “fuck you!” but I don’t know who to say it to.

Stop ruining my fun, fuckers!

Someone find me a way in?


Kitten of  Doom

Yorkshire Brewery



~ by Kitten of Doom on September 20, 2010.

5 Responses to “Access denied”

  1. Just keep going back and checking. Someone else will be feeling the same as you but more inclined to make their own door, like the nice people who had cut through the grate for us that time!

  2. Oh no, I didn’t even get a chance to look at it.

    There is another brewery not far away which you can climb all the way upto the top (not that I did because I’m chicken). It’s oppositte the back of the Honda dealer off Hoddle Street. If you’re keen we should go check it out one day (if you haven’t done so already). Now that the skies are getting nicer and I just upgraded to a new Canon 60D I’m ready to explore! Haha

    It’s on Islington Street I think, just off Langridge in Collingwood area.

    • Yeah it’s the James Hood Maltsers. The roller door entry on Islington St was open one day, so I went in but I was on my way to work (and also alone) so I didn’t have a chance to check it out. Next time I went back the roller door was sealed shut again. Do you know of another way in? But yes, I’m keen to check it out!

      As for the Yorkshire Brewery, someone WILL find another way in soon enough, of that I am sure…

  3. I climbed through a hole in the fence where is looked like some demolition work was happening and then through a broken window. It was pretty accessible and I didn’t have too much trouble getting in. I think the best place I’ve been so far has to be La Rundel, so many buildings to explore. It’s so nice out this morning, I wish I was out taking some shots.

  4. I got in about 2 weeks ago.
    There is a way that they never block off.
    If you want to know, get at me

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