Postcards from Darwin

Been in D-Town for six whole days now.  Three to go.  Here are some pics to keep you kids amused…

This is the same artwork I saw on the old Yorkshire Brewery in Collingwood, awhile ago (it’s been covered with new graf now.)  By Matt Sewell?  Is this correct?  The version on the Collingwood site was a lot neater technically than this version… but I still got a kick out of seeing it in Darwin!  On the front wall of the Happy Yess live music club.

The Commemoration of the bombing of Darwin was on the other day.  I walked past it while they were setting up for it and meant to come back later, and – of course – got distracted by somesuch and forgot…

Fun at Lameroo beach!  To get out to the water you need to traverse over rocks – try not to do it drunk lest you repeatedly slip and cut your foot -cough-

And finally: always good to know…


~ by Kitten of Doom on February 22, 2010.

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