Mars Volta @ Festival Hall, 25/01/10

Saw The Mars Volta at Festival Hall tonight.  Amazing, as expected.  Short show – two hours (was supposedly to finish at 11pm and finished at 10:30pm; no encore) – but still amazing.

Omar and Cedric are god.  Together.  I definitely want to have both their babies at the same time (this is actually possible – to father twins to two different men – but I digress).  I am definitely going to marry Omar.   And if anything ever happens to him, I will remarry, to Cedric.  Omar would want that.

I wish I could be the tambourine/maracas/bongo drums player just so I could be that close to Omar.  The beautiful Omar with his intense look of concentration and his cute vest and his hands playing that guitar the way I imagine they will play my body one day…

I nearly died of ecstasy (the non-narcotic kind) during the L’Via intro.  Viscera Eyes was outstanding of course.  They finished with Roulette Dares.  No Televators – though the pub I had a pint at before the show (Carron Tavern) did put Televators on.  It was two-thirds full of people who were obviously going to see the Volta.

When Omar and I are eventually married, we will join surnames.  I will have a triple hyphenated name.

So cool it hurts.

Seriously though,  if anyone sees me walking down the same street as Omar and Cedric, please restrain me.  I don’t need a sexual assault record.


~ by Kitten of Doom on January 26, 2010.

3 Responses to “Mars Volta @ Festival Hall, 25/01/10”

  1. Would it be Brie Rodríguez-Lopez-McPherson or Brie McPherson-Rodríguez-Lopez or Brie Rodríguez-McPherson-Lopez or Brie Lopez-Rodríguez-McPherson or Brie McPherson-Lopez-Rodríguez or Brie Lopez-McPherson-Rodríguez?

  2. McPherson-Rodriguez-Lopez. Totally.

  3. No Televators?! It’s a good thing they played Roulette Dares to appease the audience, otherwise there would’ve been rioting in the streets…

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