Why I walk everywhere

I walk to work and back Monday to Friday, irrespective of weather.  Take this morning for example: it was raining mildly when I left the house (affectionately known as the “pad”; it’s actually a warehouse-conversion-townhouse-type thing, not a house, but more on that another time).  By the time I was partway through the CBD it was almost bucketing down.  I declined to board a tram – being on a tram is one of my least-favourite things, even if I am soaked through to the skin (with squelchy socks to boot).  The only thing I was mildly pissed about was no longer being able to enjoy The Bravery on my ipod.

Walking to work is the best start to the day, sans not having to work at all and staying in bed or leisurely sauntering around Fitzroy or Collingwood in the sun taking photographs, or perhaps enjoying a lazy breakfast of banana pancakes drowned in butterscotch at Red Tongue – but I digress.  I don’t walk everywhere because I’m poor, bored, or desperately need to lose weight (the gym solves two of those three).  I walk because it clears my head, allows me time to think about random things without being distracted, and is a good dose of physical activity before I have to spend hours sitting on my arse in front of a computer screen, writing inane crap (such as this).  I have to say, the Fitzroy/Collingwood/Carlton areas – and even the CBD at times and in places – are delightful to wander around, whether I’m in a rush to get somewhere or just wandering aimlessly.  There’s always time to enjoy the sights, even if I’m late to work.  There are always new things to see; for example – this, spotted in Carlton Gardens just off Nicholson St, some seven weeks ago:

In case you ever need something to do with a spare mattress.


~ by Kitten of Doom on December 8, 2009.

One Response to “Why I walk everywhere”

  1. love it !
    For those that like to sleep on the vertical
    Gorgeous old tree too . . .

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