Sietta’s ‘The Invisible River’ tour coming to Melbourne soon

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Those Sietta kids are playing in Melbourne again soon to support their second album, The Invisible River.  They are currently shooting their second video clip to follow on from the first single from the album, Let It Go.


Get yo’ butts down to Northcote Social Club on Saturday April 26th for some sweet grooves and a fun time.  Ah damn, I just realised I will still be on my sobriety kick then; no beers for me!

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New Melbourne music: Holy Holy

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I’ve just been listening to Holy Holy‘s newly-released The Pacific EP, and I have to say, it’s awesome.  Timothy Carroll’s words and voice + Oscar Dawson’s guitar harmonies = YES.  I’m not going to write a long-winded description about what they sound like; I hate doing that; just click on the videos below and listen to them.

Their first single is Impossible Like You, but my favourite track is House of Cards.

They are supporting Ball Park Music for their album launch starting on Thursday, though I’m hoping they will play a show of their own in Melbourne sometime soon so I can check them out.

House of Cards

Impossible Like You

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Abandoned Brighton swimming pool complex

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We visited the swimming pool complex next to Brighton station in winter last year, the same day we went to the two Masonic halls.  I don’t know why I never got around to posting the pictures, but better late than never eh?

The pool complex was pretty much graff central.  There was a sweet old-school cash register though.  (Not as cool as the one we found in Chernobyl).








That mural is a little on the creepy side.

Don’t bother looking for the pool.  It’s already been demolished.  Sorry.

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I am detoxing this month. No this is not an April Fools’ joke.

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Anyone who knows me knows I like to drink.  I’m from Darwin (heh).  I’ve also been a bartender for the better part of the last decade, so of course I like to drink.

I’m not particularly fussy.  I’m happy with most tap beers, though I do love a good Tanqueray Ten martini every now and then (finances permitting).  Big fan of whiskey sours too.  Sauvignon Blanc also (I tried a great Spanish one the other night).  Sometimes just a simple vodka, lime and soda.  Or Zubrowka on the rocks.  Or Campari and soda.  Mmmmm, Campari…

Anyway, what I was supposed to be getting at is that I am detoxing for the month of April.  Not just alcohol, but cigarettes and Diet Coke too (though there will be no more cigarettes at all from now on).  I guess alcohol is the important one, though.  I don’t really go out much these days as I am too poor to do so, but I do get knock-offs at work, which is two free drinks.  Sometimes I get other peoples’ knock-offs, if they’re not drinking that night.  Then it’s easy to just keep drinking.  We all do it there.  And we all say we want to drink less, but never make the effort.

I also drink at home to go to sleep, as I have chronic insomnia.  The scariest thing about giving up alcohol  is knowing that I am going to be awake every night from now on.  Until dawn.  I will get to see the sun rise every morning.  Yay.  I will stress about not being able to sleep, and think about other personal things that are troubling me, and the anxiety will make the insomnia even worse.  Repeat.

Aside from this, I don’t really have any reasons for drinking, at least not for drinking outside of special occasions.  I don’t need alcohol to socialise.  I have gone for months without drinking whilst working in a bar, so there isn’t really the hospitality pressure either.  I guess I mainly drink because I’m bored.  And I can’t sleep.  I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, not sleeping, and drinking gives me something to do.  And, hopefully, will make me tired.  But sometimes makes me hungover as well.

One of my friends wrote a facebook post yesterday about how she was looking for inspiration to quit drinking after a particularly boozy week (again) and linked to this post, which I found quite motivating.  I don’t intend to become straight-edge by any means.  I don’t use drugs, so I guess I am halfway there anyway.  But I don’t want to give up alcohol completely.  I want to give up drinking out of boredom and attempts to sleep.  That will cut down my drinking by about 90% anyway.  I would like to have a beer or a martini every now and then, since I really do love them (and the other drinks I mentioned above…. mmmm Campari).

I also have a terrible diet, and this is my other reason for giving up alcohol for awhile.  I’m not going to eat healthy food if I wake up feeling seedy; hell, it’s hard enough to force myself to make healthy food even when I haven’t been drinking.  I’m pretty lazy when it comes to cooking at home.  But hopefully if I stop polluting my body with artificial chemicals and start exercising again, I will be able to sleep better and won’t need to drink out of boredom/being awake too long.

So that brings me to the end of this convoluted rant.  I’m off now to get another coffee.

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Abandoned retirement home

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Prior to revisiting the Masonic hall, Andrew, Shane and I checked out an abandoned retirement home.  We were a bit late with this one, as all the beds and wheelchairs were gone.  There were still heaps of books, chairs and a sweet portrait of a young Queen Elizabeth II.









Lot’s of retirement homes seem to be closing these days.  Schools as well.  Hmm.

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Rone’s new Melbourne mural

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Rone has been hard at work over the last few days painting a huge new mural at 80 Collins Street in the CBD.

Cherry pickers sure do look like fun.

The photos show his progress as of around 4pm yesterday.  He is due to complete the mural tomorrow.






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Stained glass, secrets and pigeon poo

•March 19, 2014 • 3 Comments

Andrew, Shane and myself revisited an abandoned Masonic hall on the weekend.  The stained glass windows are still intact, fortunately, and the floors are as craptastic as ever.  There were some pretty white pigeons this time around (two alive; one dead).  A lot of the stuff in the back room has disappeared.  The front of the building has been tagged, which is disappointing.






We’ve theorised that the property was going to be redeveloped into an apartment or office block, but there’s no indication that anything is set to happen there anytime soon.

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